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Travel Insurance: Prevention Is Better Than Bills

It is really fun going on a holiday trip. You will be so busy strolling around, doing what you do not usually do, like skiing, windsurfing and other activities worth spending your holiday with. Outdoor trip is really fun and entertaining. You are enjoying snow boarding but suddenly you broke your leg. We don’t know when accidents may happen. It is just practical to get a travel insurance plan. 

Travel insurance plan is a way to minimize the considerable financial risks of traveling. These risks include accidents, illness, and missed flights, canceled tours, lost baggage, emergency evacuation and getting your body home if you die. 

Each traveler’s risk and potential loss varies, depending on how much of the trip is prepaid, the kind of air ticket purchased, your state of health, the value of your luggage, where you’re traveling, what medical coverage you already have and the financial health of the tour company or airline. For some, insurance is a good deal; for others, it’s not.

What are the different types of Travel Insurance?

1. Interruption insurance and trip cancellations. It covers financial penalties or losses you encounter when you cancel a prepaid tour of flight for an acceptable reason. These might include you and your family members who can’t travel because of sickness. 

It might also include you business partner or airline that goes out of business or can’t perform as promised. It is also possible to cancel if you have a family member who is sick. For a good reason such as a car accident or inclement weather, you miss a flight or need an emergency flight. In other words, if you or your travel partner breaks a leg a few days before your trip, you can both bail out and neither of you will lose a penny. 

And if, a day into your tour, you have an accident, both of you will be flown home and you’ll be reimbursed for the emergency one-way return flight which usually costs far more than your economy round-trip fare and whatever portion of the tour you have not used. 

2. Medical insurance cover medical and dental emergencies. Check your health plan before getting a medical insurance because you may be already covered by it. Search for benefits and deductibles and the procedures for reimbursement of the emergency expenses. 

3. Baggage insurance is included in the most comprehensive policies, but is rare to buy separately. This actually the insurance for your items such as jewelry, eyewear, electronics and photographic equipments. If the airline checked your baggage, it is already covered by the airlines. Homeowners’ insurance is cheaper and you’ll have coverage even after your trip.

4. Flight insurance is crash coverage, is a statistical rip-off that heirs love. It’s basically a life insurance policy that covers you when you’re on the airplane. Since plane crashes are so rare, there’s little sense in spending money on this insurance.

5. Comprehensive travel insurance it covers all, airfare, car rentals, tour etc. it depends on you age. This can be a better deal for travelers with less of the trip prepaid because coverage is the same regardless of the premium you pay. Some comprehensive policies also cover collision damage, which allows you to avoid paying your car-rental company for collision damage waiver CDW insurance.

Never buy travel insurance from companies with no names. Not all insurance companies are licensed. You do not have a case if you claim problems with a licensed company with no license. Most of the licensed insurance companies are open 24 hours. 

Getting travel insurance is as good as securing your family’s health. It is making sure that everyone is properly protected, including the loss of your passport, money or luggage, travel delays, missed departures and incurring legal expenses. It is like you are sure you are having a safe trip.

An Overview of Japan for Travelers

Extending along the eastern coast of Asia, Japan is a country consisting of a collection of islands. The mainland, as we think of it, is the island of Honshu. There are three other large islands, Hokkaido, Shikoku, and Kyushu, and roughly 3,000 much smaller islands comprising what we call Japan. Put together, the total land mass is slightly smaller than California. The geography throughout the islands is mountainous, best exemplified by Mt. Fuji at 12,385 feet. As you might expect, the island country is inherently recognition of a volcanic are and Japan experiences earthquakes fairly frequently, some on a large scale. 

Japan is an extremely urbanized country with most people living in major cities. The two prominent religions are Shintoism and Buddhism. The belief systems are harmonious and often share the same temples. 

Per legend, Japan was founded by Emperor Jimmu around 600 BC. The current emperor is a descendent of the first. 

The first interaction with the West was in 1542 when a lost Portuguese ship landed in Japan. Over the next century more Westerns came, but they were not trusted. The Japan shoguns eventually banned all foreigners and the country was isolated for over 200 years. Not until 1854 did Japan open its doors to the world under the Convention of Kanagawa with the United States. Once this occurred, Japan quickly evolved from a feudal state to a more modern approach.

World War I was a boon for Japan. Fighting on the side of the victorious Allies, Japan repeated new respect as an economic and military power following the defeat of the Axis. Alas, the emperor of Japan went in a different direction after the war, seeking dominance of China and Asia in general. 

In 1937, Japan became an ally of Nazi German. This eventually led to its decision to pursue an attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Following four years of war, the loss of 3 million Japanese lives and two atomic bombings, Japan surrendered to the United States on September 2, 1945. It was stripped of most of its territorial holdings and was ruled de facto by General Douglas MacArthur, designated the Supreme Commander. 

Following World War II, Japan turned to a democratic system through reforms. The U.S. and allies returned complete control to Japan on April 28, 1952 via the Treaty of Peace. Although its days as a military power were over, Japan once again became an economic giant. Despite its relatively tiny land mass, Japan has the second biggest economy in the world. 

Modern day Japan covers 145,902 square miles. The capital is Tokyo. The terrain is best described as rugged, mountainous islands with varying temperatures. 

The people of Japan are called “Japanese.” The total population is just over 127.4 million people, but the population is decreasing slightly in size. Japanese is the primarily language spoken and literacy rates are 99 percent. Japanese males have a life expectancy of 77 years while women live to 84 on average. 

With its mountainous island landscape, Japan is a hot destination spot for travelers. It is expensive, but a visit to Mount Fuji alone makes a trip worthwhile.

Mexican Travel Guide

Mexican flavor of architecture, food and living has impressed people all over the world. Mexican culture and artifacts are famous around the globe and hence there is no better way to enjoy and become familiar with the Mexican sprit than touring the country itself. Mexico as a tourist spot offers wide range of geographical locations and country sites for a traveler to choose. The country touches the shores of ocean at many places and has high-rise mountains at other end. The region presents an excellent opportunity for water sports and deep-sea excursions and mountaineering.

With fabulous hotels and exotic views to offer Mexico has also developed into a favorite honeymoon destination. Recently wedded couples find numerous getaways in this country. The cities here present a promising adventurous vacation. Among the all time favorite destination is Acapulco a place that has attracted tourists since earlier times because of its rocking nightlife and beautiful beaches. Apart from regular water sports cliff diving is an added exclusive special attraction of the place. Mainly well-trained professionals perform this art after the sun goes down and it presents a spectacular view for the tourists. With hotels having private and semi-private swimming pools to offer it has become a favorite for couples on vacation. 

Another very popular spot for tourists is the Yucatan Peninsula, which is famous for its ancient ruins of Mexican architecture and traditions. The geographical location of Yucatan peninsula renders it a perfect visiting area. Although the weather at this place in inviting all year round still the tourist attraction is maximum from October to June. 

Mexico is a paradise for water game lovers, sea divers, trekkers and other such activists. Apart from offering boating, rafting and cruise options for tourists every popular travel spots also have dedicated shopping centers. The shops offer anything from Mexican folk art, handicrafts depicting Mexican culture, jewellery, pottery, shirts and many other such options to take back home as a souvenir from Mexico. 

The prime religion in Mexico is mainly Catholics and this thought is well expressed by the spread of well-constructed cathedrals around the town. These cathedrals are masterpieces of architecture and exhibit a great deal about the rich cultural history of the place. While on the way through the city lanes the Christian archeological extracts are visible throughout the journey. Vacationing in Mexico with stay and sightseeing the trip may sometimes prove to be costlier than expected. Hence its best advised to preplan the visit and opt for an all included packaged journey tour in the country. The travel agents best guide tourists through most favorite hot spots among travelers and options that fit best within the budget. 

Night safari through the forests of the region is an added attraction. A safari on four wheeler jeeps through the mountains can well be an experience of lifetime. The best ways for touring the country is having a base destination at one place and then go touring other neighboring spots on short trips. Biking is another favorite activity in the region cycling through Mexico is so popular that anyone visiting this country can hardly avoid returning back without enjoying a bike-ride.

Travel Bermuda

In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, 570 miles east of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, lies an island filled with pink sand beaches, pastel cottages and quintessential British traditions. With a landmass of only 21 square miles, it is one of the smallest territories in the world. Bermuda actually consists of around 140 islands, of which 8 of these are linked by bridges to form a continuous fishhook shaped area of land that runs 22 miles in length and only 2 miles across at its widest point. This is the Bermuda that most everyone knows because the other islands are uninhabited and some are only rocks.

Bermuda is a different island in many ways from those that you generally think about such as the Caribbean. It is very polite and slightly restrained in the sense that you won’t find laid-back locals wandering around barefoot and offering you piña coladas. It is somewhat formal in dress, as you’ll see the female residents in stockings and heels and the men in jackets, ties, Bermuda shorts, and knee socks despite the beautiful weather. Golf and tennis are popular pastimes and you will find that most visitors, as well as Bermudians, are over 40. It is a wonderful and charming island that offers many things to see and do with great places to go.

Bermuda weather is very temperate, not too hot and not too cold. It is a semi-tropical island that doesn’t have a rainy season and there is no one month that receives an excess of rain. Showers can be heavy at times but you’ll find that the skies clear quickly and that it doesn’t usually affect your outdoor plans. The temperature rarely rises above 85 F, (29.5 C) perfect for sun bathing, swimming and all water sports and there is always a cool breeze at night. May to October are the warmest months with an average high of 82 F and an average low of 74 F. The coldest part of the year runs from January to March with average highs of 69 F and lows 60 F.

The Department of Tourism promotes 2 seasons for Bermuda weather; summer’s “beach and sizzle” and winter’s “golf and spa.” In summer, the island is filled with activities; hotel barbecues and evening dances to set off your daytime sightseeing trips, and the public beaches never close. During the off-season which runs from Nov-Mar, you’ll find that the pace slows down significantly. Some of the sightseeing, dive, snorkeling, and water-skiing boats are dry-docked and only taxis operate tours of the island. There are also a few hotels and restaurants that will close, although having said that, most hotels in Bermuda do stay open and you’ll find the prices slashed up to 40%. This is a great time to travel with perfect weather for golf and tennis, you can still rent boats, tour the islands and the best part? You can travel Bermuda and take full advantage of the uncrowded beaches, shops, restaurants, and walking tours and totally enjoy the beautiful sunny days.

If you’re looking to rent a car while you travel Bermuda, you are going to be out of luck, as there are no car rentals available there! You can get around with public buses, ferries, rent a moped or scooter, you can use taxis – or even hire a horse and carriage. The bus system is fantastic, running on schedule all day, although there is no late system. Exact change, tokens or tickets are required. Tokens can be purchased at some hotels and guest houses, sub-post offices, and at the Central Terminal in Hamilton on Church Street. You can also get multi-day Transportation Passes for three or seven days that allow for unlimited bus trips which will save you some money. Metered taxis can be found at the airport and most large hotels and they can also double as tour operators if you want to put together your own sightseeing tour of the island. Bermuda taxi operators are among the world’s finest and their knowledge and commentary can make for an unforgettable tour. You can rent them by the day, hour or mile. All taxis are metered and the tariff is fixed by law so rates are the same for all: $4 for the first mile, $1.40 for each additional mile and higher rates after 10 pm. Ferries are a scenic way to get around and can sometimes be much faster than the bus. They connect Hamilton with Paget, Warwick and the Somerset/Dockyard area. Moped rentals are available by the 1/2 day, day, week and long-term. The cost varies according to length of rental and type of cycle. Horse and Carriage tours are a nice way to see Bermuda. By day the drivers will point out the sights, and for the evenings it is very romantic.

The currency here is the Bermuda dollar and it has a 1-1 ratio to the US dollar. Both currencies are equally accepted at all establishments but the US dollar is the currency of choice because unlike the Bermuda dollar, it’s exchangeable everywhere in the world. Average room prices vary as such: Low – $100/120 Mid – $120/180 High – $200+, average meal prices are: Low – $5/10 Mid – $10/25 High – $25-30. All hotels in Bermuda are subject to a 7.25% hotel tax which is added to your bill at check-out and there is also a departure tax but this is included in the price of your air ticket. When it comes to tipping, most restaurants add a 15% service charge to your bill, so just check to see if it is there so that you don’t end up tipping twice and of course, if it’s not there, this is the average. Hotels also generally add a service charge and this is 10%. For taxis, a tip of around 10% is average.

Bermuda has more sights to see than you will be able to visit in a single vacation, here are a just a few of the highlights. Visit the awesome underground of Bermuda, with one of the highest concentrations of limestone caves in the world, it offers a dream world that has even been the inspiration for many creative achievements including Hensen Associates “Fraggle Rock” muppets. Make sure to take a visit to the Crystal Caves or Leamington Caves, both are along the Harrington Sound Road. The Royal Naval Dockyard which began in 1809, can be seen today restored as an entertainment and shopping complex, with restaurants, crafts market, arts centre, Bermuda Maritime Museum, historic Commissioner’s House, cinema, and the Clocktower shopping mall. The Botanical Gardens which feature over 1000 varieties of plant life spread out over 36 acres of landscape and are open all year from sunrise to sunset. Take time to visit the Bermuda Aquarium, Natural History Museum and Zoo where you can take self guided tours if you choose and learn about Bermuda’s beginnings, whaling industry, captivating undersea exploration, and fragile environment. The aquarium, museum and zoo are internationally recognized as a centre for the preservation and reintroduction of threatened species.

If diving and snorkeling are your thing, you will find some 350 shipwrecks that are scattered among the reef formations, making it an ever changing, living museum under the sea. Another great way to see this amazing world is through a Glass Bottom Boat Tour, offered during the days and nights. And let’s not forget the endless array of the beautiful Bermuda beaches. With their pink sand and limestone dunes, you will find that the beaches on the south-shore are more scenic than those on the north-shore. The most popular, also the most crowded by tourists and locals is Horseshoe Bay Beach. Your best bet is to pick up “Bermuda’s Guide to Beaches and Transportation,” a free publication available at most hotels and in all Visitors Service Bureaus. It combines map and bus/ferry schedules, showing you the locations of the beaches and how to reach them.

Whether you are looking to visit a bustling city like the capitol of Hamilton, which offers plenty of shopping and sightseeing during the day; dinner, drinks and dancing by night to a lazy day on the beach, to the World Heritage Site and historic Town of St. George; Bermuda will cater to all of your needs. It can be a relaxed vacation destination or an international business center. It is a mix of ancient and new worlds, friendly people and there are so many things for you to take part in and enjoy. Whatever your desire, Bermuda is sure to welcome you.

Why Tahiti is a Unique Honeymoon Destination

Getting married is the most awaited and romantic event in every person’s life; and to some, it’s a scary thing because you’re going to be bonded with another individual for life. Both of you made a vow to share your love, happiness, and sadness together. 

Most couples are dreaming of a honeymoon spent in a beautiful place, but not all are lucky enough to fulfill such dream. One reason is due to budgetary constraints. But for most couples who can afford a romantic and unique honeymoon some place else, they must be careful in choosing their honeymoon destination and it would be best to follow ones instinct. If you want to spend unique honeymoon moments, no other place is better than Tahiti. Be sure to celebrate your relationship and life together in Tahiti’s beautiful islands. The islands are tiny paradise, crowned with uneven peaks that soar magically to the ocean. You can also find islands that barely float above the waves.

There are a few reasons why Tahiti is such a unique place to spend your honeymoon.


In these islands, you can find intimate resorts, quiet pure beaches, and peaceful villages that are definitely suited for the couples’ ‘alone time’. This is a very good place to spend your honeymoon away from prying eyes, work pressures, and other disturbances.

Polynesian Spas

You can experience rejuvenation and relaxation with these Polynesian spas nurtured by a tropical ambiance. The spas are luxurious and the couple can pamper themselves with the services offered in the spa.

Over-water Bungalows

The island also offers perfect rooms equipped with all needed amenities, and the services are like that of first-class hotels. Have a tranquil sleep over the lagoon waters in a thatched-roof room.


You’re free to choose whether you do something or just relax under the sun’s heat. Try to enjoy the lagoons while you’re there by snorkeling, diving, and boating. If you want, you can try exploring the different islands through hiking, safaris, or shopping.


Share and embrace the warm welcome of Tahitian hosts. Their love for the Tahitian islands is reflected through their dances, music, and flowers.

Honeymoon Cruises

Romantic voyages are also available every week headed for Tahiti’s islands. You can have a voyage in the South Pacific on board cruise ships, freighter passenger, and super yachts that travel amid Tahiti’s islands.

Couples now have a choice from the leading luxurious cruise lines that offer first class balcony cabins and meals exclusively designed for honeymooners. There is no other place like Tahiti where newly weds can enjoy the time of their life.

You can find great deals on Tahiti honeymoon packages that costs as low as $1,279 to as high as $7, 545. There are certain travel agencies that offer these kinds of packages to honeymooners. Feel free to log on to their site and check out Tahiti’s unique honeymoon packages and experience the greatest honeymoon moments that will only happen once in your life. 

Visit Tahiti and experience the feel of romance in this unique place. The world has recognized this place’ beauty and is regarded as the center of romance in the whole universe. So don’t be left behind; if you’re a newly wed couple, or perhaps you’ve renewed your vows and want to have another honeymoon, this place can speak for itself. You will always want to go back to this magical and enchanting place. 

Travel Alaska... An Adventure of a Lifetime

So you are like John Locke of the TV series Lost & basically (literally) dying for an adventure. Or maybe you are  bored to death & you want to experience more of life. Have no fear. no need to travel across the globe to taste adventure in the wilds of Africa or the rainforests of South America. Why should you when you have got Alaska. Alaska. the 49th state & fondly known as the Land of the Midnight Sun & The Last Frontier.

Most people believe that Alaska, a name which comes from an Aleut word meaning “land that’s not an island” is basically tundra in the middle of nowhere because of it is distance from the lower 48 states & because most of the stories you hear about it are usually related to the cold & snow & so-called vast, desolate, open spaces. But you thought wrong.

Alaska – the largest state (by land mass) is also one of the least populated – is a land that combines the attractive snowy scenery of the Alps with the challenge of an adventure trip to the Congo.

Don’t believe me?

River Fishing

When someone mentions Alaska, people usually visualize a land of ice & frozen desert. So it is a bit hard to imagine people being able to fish in such a place. But like I mentioned earlier, Alaska is a place filled with adventure, a place well worth travelling to.

That’s okay because i have got proof.

For your Alaska fishing adventure, you can try your luck at hooking any of a variety of prized fish like: Silver Salmon in Resurrection Bay during August & September, the King Salmon of the Lower Kenai River from May to July or Red (Sockeye) Salmon, Dolly Varden & Rainbow Trout in the Upper Kenai River.


Yes, you can raft to your hearts’ content & pretend you are a lone wanderer having an adventure in the midst of the vast array of Alaskan wildlife. Travel & encounter the plenty of natural wonders of Alaska. Listen to the stories of the natives. Catch a glimpse of moose & bald eagles as you hold on for dear life while traversing the rapids of Kenai River Canyon – a trip that’s highly recommended & one that you don’t want to miss.

Sea Kayaking

This not so common adventure is one that only travelling to Alaska can bestow upon you. This is not for the feint of heart & make sure, that you don’t attempt this alone.


This is an adventure you must grab because there is virtually nothing that compares to backpacking in Alaska. You can of work choose your own adventure travel destination: Brooks Range, Artic Refuge, Talkeetna Mountains, & Wrangell-St. Elias to name  a few.

Dog Sledding

This is probably the most popular sport in Alaska & an adventure worth telling your grandchildren, great grandchildren, friends, barber or whoever will listen. If you so choose, you can basically watch the dog sled races or try it out yourself by mushing your own team. The Siberian huskies, are highly trained so there is no need to worry about your safety. Plus, if you have the time, you can also visit the renowned author, husky owner & Alaskan original Mary Shields.

Expeditions to Walrus Island

So you haven’t seen any of those furry adorable creatures up close? Find yourself aching for more of a marine adventure  than a landlocked one? Or perhaps you are content to basically watch. Have no fear because Alaska’s Walrus Island has it all. You can view walrus, other marine mammals & rare bird species from the comfortable deck of a cruising yacht. But if you want a bit more of a challenge, you can take a hiking trip & see more of the Alaskan wildlife.

So… are you now convinced that travelling to Alaska is an adventure that you must not miss? I sure hope so because if you aren’t – what is wrong with you.  kidding, however before making reservations be sure you have got everything you need like clothes for wide range of temperatures & a comfortable pair of hiking boots.

Fjord Exploration

If you have ever dreamed of experiencing the sheer scale of an honest-to-goodness glacier that the pages of a book or movie screen  can’t convey then Alaska is the place to be? Unless, of work you prefer Greenland or Iceland for your icy adventure. I think not… &  another of plenty of reasons why they should be thankful for the great State of Alaska.

& clearly… compare the available travel packages being offered by SunriseTravelGuide that cater to Alaska or you can make your own travel itinerary & then basically hire a guide to assist you along the way. A great place to start planning your trip is Alaska – The Last Frontier. A web-site dedicated to being a complete resource on Alaska.

Tricks For Disney Travel

Have you been planning for years to take that trip to Disney World. Are your kids are now at that special age where they still believe in the magic that is Disney. Have you saved up the cash and are ready for the trip of a lifetime.

Then you need to learn a few tricks before heading off to Disney World and wasting much of your hard earned money.

The first trick for the savvy Disney vacationer is to check on e-bay three weeks before the trip looking for park tickets. Never buy single day single park tickets. The park-hopper ticket is the way to go. This ticket will allow you change parks during the days of your vacation. You can leave one park and go to another to avoid the crowds.

Get to the parks early in the day. Most families like to sleep in and enjoy a late breakfast. So even with the parks opening early in the day they are relatively empty first thing in the morning. Ride the park rides at the back of the park first. It may take a while to walk into the park but most other patrons stop at the first rides and ride those. As the park starts to fill they move to the back rides. Utilize this time to enjoy some of the popular rides at the back of the park and save your fastpass tickets.

At the start of the day do not grab fast pass tickets, wait until the park starts to see more traffic. You need to be aware that there is a time limit on the frequency that you can grab a fast pass ticket. So you cannot obtain another fast pass ticket until the designated time, this time will be on your fast pass ticket. Use these sparingly to pick the choice rides. While you are waiting on your fast pass ticket time enjoy other areas of the parks. When you have to opportunity to pick up your next fast pass then do so immediately. Only at this point can you use the original ticket. 

Make sure that you carry a backpack with you into the park. This pack will serve you well during the day. You should pack in water, and drinks in amounts that are comfortable to carry. This will save you dearly during the day. The cost of drinks and supplies inside the park walls is extravagant. 

If you have two adults with you then you will need to team up to allow the kids to get signatures from the characters. Once you are ¾ of the way to a character one of the adults needs to go to the next line to wait for the character while the kids get the first signature. This will dramatically increase your time through the lines for characters.

Make sure you carry a marker to place on your car for the afternoon return trip. The best marker that I have found is those that your local sports teams have for the cars. Virtually everyone has seen the car flag. Purchase two of these prior to the trip to display on your car. This will make it simple to find your car in the afternoon after a hard day in the parks.

Finally, relax and enjoy your vacation. Disney is an exciting trip for you and the kids. If things don’t go exactly as planned just let it go and enjoy.

Traveling with Diabetes

Traveling with diabetes requires preparation both before and during your trip. Here are 11 tips to help you make sure your diabetes doesn’t interfere with the pleasures of travel.

1. Visit your doctor at least a month before you leave to make sure your diabetes is under control. If you need to do any stabilizing, a month will give you enough time. The same month should let your body settle down after any necessary immunization shots, so get those at the same time.

2. Get a letter from your doctor certifying that you are diabetic, and listing the various medications and supplies you must carry with you. Without this, you might have difficulties passing through Security at airports and international border crossings. 

3. Also get a prescription for your insulin or other diabetes medication. Even though you should have enough syringes, strips and medication to last for the duration of your trip, it’s always good to have a prescription in case you lose them, they become spoiled because of extreme weather conditions, or your trip lasts longer than you original planned.

4. Wear an ID bracelet announcing your have diabetes, and also carry a small card saying so in the local language of the places you will be visiting.

5. Learn to express specific diabetic requirements in the local languages. Since you probably won’t know how to pronounce the words, the easiest way is to carry them on a printed card and simply point to what you want to say.

6. Pack at least twice as much medication and supplies as you think you’ll need. Put half in your suitcase, and half in a special bag that never leaves your possession. The container for these supplies should be sturdy, preferably hard sided, for protection.

7. Carry a sealed pack containing hard candies or glucose tablets in case irregular eating makes your blood sugar drop too low. Your pack should also contain emergency snacks, such as crackers, cheese, fruit, juice — in case you must wait too long between meals, which can happen when we are traveling.

8. Insulin can lose its strength in extreme temperatures, so carry your supply, as well as pills and other medication, in a thermally insulated bag.

9. Carry bandages and first-aid cream, comfortable walking shoes and protective beach shoes. Your feet neet extra special care while you’re traveling.

10. While on your trip, check your blood sugar more often than usual. Many factors, such as fluctuating temperatures and changing time zones, can cause wild swings in your blood sugar levels. If you check often, you’ll be better able to take corrective action as needed.

11. Finally, contact the International Association for Medical Assistance to Travelers at 417 Center Street, Lewiston, NY 14092. They can provide you with a list of English speaking doctors in the countries you’ll be visiting. 

As long as you take sensible precautions to care for your diabetes, there’s no reason why it needs to stand in the way of a happy travel experience. Bon voyage!

Traveling to Rajasthan - The Land of Princes And Palaces

From the semi-olive forests of Mount Abu to the dry  of the desert, from the dry, deciduous barb forest of Aravali to the wetlands of Bharatpur, Rajasthan is vast and has an enormously varied plants and land, some of it, however quite adverse, is home to a overwhelming quantity of  and . Tiger and , as well as many rare group, find a dock here.

Though established as the Desert State, Rajasthan, located in the northwestern part of India, has a figure of alien with pleasing country park, fountains, temples and constructed and decorated with amazing artistic ability, including and galleries, streets and secret passages and dungeons.

One of the most wonderful is Kuchaman Fort, which sits on top of a exorbitant hill 300 metres high, in the Nagaur region, along what was once part of the Central Asian commerce itinerary.

A sign of Rajasthan’s splendid history, it was built by the Gujjar Pratihara dynasty as far back as 760 AD. Once the site of great battles, Kuchaman Fort was acknowledged for nature impregnable: its five gates are arranged in such a way that is unattainable to key in without living being attacked from all direction. The Fort is now a 34-room pub, where rooms cost from $53 per nightly.

Jaisalmer, another prior huge royal, is a desert city in the foothills of Trikuta, cocky enormous forts, palaces and (private , every so often into mi-scale or comfort hotels).

Its 12th-epoch fort, increasing like a golden sandcastle from the desert, is a masterpiece of the ‘s art. The town, though no longer an insulated location but rimmed with hotels and crammed with , is also well price a visit.

For a changed encounter in Rajasthan, step aboard the Palace on Wheels, before the personal coaches of the rulers of the sizable states of Gujrat and Rajputana. For one wonderful week, you can recapture the pomp and rite of the splendid past on one of the most lush trains in the creation.

A drive on the Palace on Wheels you to the pink stately money, Jaipur, the golden castle of Jaisalmer, the blue city of Jodhpur, the National Park Ramthambhor, the nine-storey Tower of Victory of Chittorgarh ( 1440 AD to commemorate the Maharana’s victory over his competing), the amorous city of lakes. Udaipur, the bird preserve at Bharatpur and the Mughal capital, Agra.

It’s not all history in Rajasthan. If you want to get out and of the order of, there are water sports, mount, and new safaris, bird-viewing trips, , ballooning and parasailing to allure you.

Rajasthan has the best name for law and calm of any ceremonial in India and is safe and protected to travel in, as well as individual without problems reachable by air, chain and road from Delhi (260 km away), Agra and Mumbai.

Traveling To Hawaii? 5 Important Tips

Whether you are going on a family vacation, a spring break vacation with college friends, or even your honeymoon, Hawaii is a great place to visit at any time of year. While Hawaii is a great travel destination, you may want to know a bit about this place before you land. The following are some important tips that can help you have a great time while you are in Hawaii.

Tip #1 – No Touching a Nene – A Nene is the Hawaii state bird, and while they may look cute, they can be very defensive, especially if they have babies. These birds are also endangered species, so even if they look cute, touching or even approaching these birds are against the law. Be sure to keep this in mind when traveling to Hawaii or you may end up with a hefty fine.

Tip #2 – Get the Flower Lei Greeting – One of the most exciting experiences to enjoy in Hawaii is the flower lei greeting, but some vacation packages may not have this greeting included. Before you make your final arrangements for your trip, make sure that you will get the flower lei greeting when you land in Hawaii. It is a great experience and no trip to Hawaii is complete without it.

Tip #3 – Avoid Sunburn – When you are in Hawaii, chances are that you will be out in the sun a great deal. Many travelers forget to wear sunscreen and end up getting burned. It is best to wear sunscreen to prevent sunburn from occurring, but if you do end up with a burn, Aloe Vera gel and lidocaine are great for getting rid of the burn.

Tip #4 – Pack a Sweater or Jacket – While Hawaii is generally quite warm during the day time, at night it can get a bit cooler. You may want to pack a sweater or a light jacket when you go to Hawaii, just in case the night turns cool and you need something warmer to wear. If wearing a jacket is not your style, make sure you pack a few shirts that have longer sleeves and are a bit warmer than what you would usually wear during the day so you are comfortable during the evenings. 

Tip #5 – Take an Umbrella – If you are visiting Hawaii between October and May, you will probably want to pack an umbrella. During this time of the year, Hawaii gets a great deal of rain, and although showers do not last long, more than likely you will get caught in one at some point. Unless you love walking or running in the rain, you will need to have an umbrella just in case.

Reasons Why People Choose To Cruise Travel

Why do people choose to go on cruises, instead of booking a plane flight? One thing that attracts people to these large boats and cruises is the food. Not only does a cruise offer breakfast, lunch and dinner, they also offer midnight buffets, afternoon snack buffets, ice cream bars and 24-hour room service! There is a veritable open bar on food. You can eat casually or formally. You can have a large meal or a small meal. You can eat with hundreds of people or privately. Keep in mind, of course, that the quality of the cruise line determines the quality of the food. Also remember that many of the cruise ships are feeding approximately 2000 people 10 meals per day!

A cruise offers everything you could possibly want from a getaway: entertainment, relaxation, great food, and variety. Next time, don’t overlook that great big boat out in the harbor.

Entertainment is another attraction. Most cruise lines run full-scale production shows, have live bands, and/or add other specials for the children. The Disney® Cruise line offers meals with Disney characters and special entertainment geared towards the younger crowd. Floating casinos adorn most cruise ships to the delight of many adults who use this as their evening entertainment. Having activities planned throughout the entire day, some cruise lines are like floating day camps. You can be as active or inactive as you choose to be.

Cruises offer one-stop-shopping. Variety. One flight plus one boat equals lots of different locations. It would be impossible to attempt to visit each port individually outside of a cruise line. It would be very expensive and much too time consuming. There would be no time for fun. Once aboard the ship, you leave only to visit the places of port. No need to pack and unpack. No need for unnecessary travel. On the ship, you have any number of things to keep you entertained while waiting for the next docking.

Carnival® Cruises is great for the first time cruiser. It has many departure sites around the country. Land and sea prices are available for those who need to fly to a port of departure. Just a few of the destinations to which Carnival® Cruise Lines will take you include: the Bahamas, Aruba, St. Thomas, St. John, San Juan Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, the Keys, Cozumel, Hawaii, Alaska, Martinique and Barbados.

Celebrity® Cruises is higher-end. It has a sophisticated AquaSpa on board and sports a unique art collection on the Galaxy ship as well. Celebrity® has received a 5-star rating for its cuisine (not food but cuisine). If all of that is not impressive enough, it also includes an in-cabin entertainment and information center.

Radisson® Seven Seas, Seaborn® Cruises and Windstar® Cruises offer even more luxury than the Celebrity® line. The Radisson® offers the ultimate luxurious experience by managing suites only. It also offers unique destinations such as Tahiti, French Polynesia, Antarctica, the Mediterranean, and Europe. The Windstar® line has romantic trimasted ships and sail to the Caribbean, The Americas, the Greek Isles and Europe.

As you can see, there are cruise lines for everyone. These lines are just a few of the many options of cruises. But every line has something which makes it unique, so you might want to do some research to make sure you find the cruise you were looking for. Search here at SunriseTravelGuide for a Cruise!

Lake Tahoe In Sierra, Nevada - A Great Vacation And Travel Destination

If you are heading out to Nevada then you must check out Lake Tahoe. That’s because the area is simply gorgeous and there is so much to do. Lake Tahoe is a freshwater lake located between Nevada and California. This lake is known worldwide for the beautiful crystal clear waters as well as the amazing views of the mountains that surround this lake on all sides. There are also a lot of ski resorts and different outdoor activities to enjoy and take part in. When you visit Lake Tahoe in Sierra, Nevada, or even on the California side you will have an experience of a lifetime.

One of the best things to do when you are in Lake Tahoe is to drive around the lake. There are so many things you will see and the view is simply marvelous all the way around. One of the exciting things you will encounter is the Stateline and South Lake Tahoe where there are a lot of casinos and plenty of tourists. You will have a lot of fun mingling and gambling, but you should know there are a lot of other things to do around Lake Tahoe that are a lot of fun.

There are some wonderful communities that are more laid back and quieter than Stateside, but they offer plenty of activities and joy for travelers. Some of these communities include Incline Village as well as Tahoe City. You might want to wander around the small towns, take a hike, or just set out and explore.

A great trail to take is the Eagle Lake trail. It is short, about two miles, and there are thousands of hikers that take this trek each year. It leads into Desolation Wilderness and the scenery is simply magnificent, which is why so many tourists head out on the two mile hike each year. If hiking isn’t your thing then take a paddleboat ride, engage in water activities, or anything else you find that looks like fun. When you are at Lake Tahoe you will have a most enjoyable time and will want to return time and again.

Budget Travel In New York City

The New York area is one of the largest in the world. With approximately 8 million people being in New York City alone and with less than 900 thousand kilometers squared radius, it is the densest city in all of North America! After a long anticipated debut we finally made our way to the Big Apple, and we were so excited we could barely contain ourselves. Going there has been a childhood dream for us ever since we decided to be world travelers and see everything this globe has to offer!

The people, lights, Times Square, Rockefeller, everything seems so exciting! This poised a big question though… What to do? What New York City event to pick? Well, I want to share with you some tips on New York travel that won’t break the bank! These are all an incredible experience and I would suggest doing them all if you can. Keep in mind there is no shortage of things to do in New York City. You’ll never get the chance to do everything, so do what you can, relax and enjoy what this wonderful city has to offer!

1) New York City comedy clubs: This is maybe the best thing I can suggest if you enjoy any sort of comedy at all. It works out really well because they have salesperson on the streets in the middle of Times Square, you don’t even have to look or try to find tickets. They will literally just flag you down and give you a very good price (We only paid $20 for both of us) on the condition that you buy 2 beverages at the club. The nice thing about their special, for those who don’t drink alcohol you can buy any drink of choice. Soft drinks and water were accepted as well so it really can appeal to everyone who enjoys this sort of thing and the cost is very low for the reward. It really was such a great time, the comedians were fantastic and we were very glad we decided to go. Highly Recommended!

2) Times Square: I realize this must be on everyone’s “top of the list” but it really is an amazing sight to see. This experience is something that you will never forget. The lights, people, banners, you don’t even realize how crazy it is until you are there. I must have seen Times Square on television a million times but honestly it really just is not the same. Spend a little time there to take in the atmosphere. There are plenty of very nice places to eat but the prices on their novelty restaurants (Hard Rock Café, ESPN Zone, etc) are very expensive. If you want something for a very good price, check out the side streets and look for the local pubs. I would really recommend going at night to see it lit up. A note to those who absolutely hate crowds of people, if you go to Times Square don’t go on a Friday or Saturday evening when it is the most busiest. We went on both a Saturday and Sunday night… the Saturday was chaos, and the Sunday was very nice and calm in comparison 🙂 All the same, I really enjoyed both of them in different ways.

3) Rockefeller Center: We had the pleasure of going during December month, so we got to experience the Christmas tree and Skating Rink all done up at Rockefeller center. This is also home of the famous NBC Studios (Costs $18.50 for the tour).

4) Central Park: One of the most famous parks in the world and the most visited park in the United States, Central Park is a wonderful place to go on a nice day. Central Park is actually bigger than 2 of the world’s smallest nations; Monaco and Vatican City.

5) See a local New York City Event: Take in a ball game, a musical, or something at the theatre! New York really has everything to offer no matter what your hobbies or interests are! You can usually find something very reasonably priced as well, depending on what you are after.

I realize as most people do, New York tends to be quite expensive but with these travel ideas you can go out and have a really great time and still not spend too much money. There is plenty to see, even just going to see the landmarks and places like Rockefeller, Central Park and Times Square are well worthwhile! I really enjoyed my time just walking the streets and taking in the atmosphere.

If you are planning to stay in Manhattan for a week or so, I would really suggest picking up a copy of “The New York Pass”, spend your week and do everything you can. These passes are actually very reasonably priced (Starting at $55.00 daily and only $139.99 for a 7 day period, per person) and you get FREE access to literally almost EVERYTHING you could want in New York City. Here is just a glimpse of what is here. Keep in mind these are only about a quarter of the free things you get, not even including the other discounted items and special offers.

* Central Park Zoo

* CNN Studio Tour

* Empire State Building

* Madison Square Garden All Access Tour

* NBC Studio Tour

* New York Aquarium

* New York Botanical Garden

* Radio City Music Hall Stage Door Tour

* Rockefeller Center Tour

* Statue of Liberty / Ellis Island Ferry

* Suede Lounge (VIP nightclub access)

* The United Nations Tour

Well worth the money if you plan to do a lot of sightseeing, Museums and Tours.

I absolutely loved my time in New York! I found it really offers you so much, no matter what month, or what day, there is always something for you to do that is interesting. How can you not like that about a city? It has everything and it is a great place to visit. I hope these tips on New York travel were helpful! I know I can’t wait for our next adventure, here in the Big Apple!

Until next time,

Best Wishes and Happy Travels!

Is A Travel Nursing Career A Dream Come True?

Deciding what job to pursue after college entails more brain cells that most activities. Unlike deciding on what car to buy or what clothes to wear, one must give the decision its due because it will effect your happiness and quality of life for the next three to four decades.

Most people believe that a career in travel nursing is stuff that dreams are made of. For those currently following this career path… most of those who have experienced this lifestyle agree that it is a great way to make a living but there are a few who argue and refute this. But all agree that it’s entirely up to you whether your career in travel nursing becomes to a dream come true.

How do you start on a career in travel nursing?

Let’s divide the answer into two parts: travel and nursing. We’ll tackle the latter first. To be able to pursue a career in travel nursing, you must of course be equipped with a creditable nursing degree. Now some may possess one-year-diplomas and call themselves professionals but unfortunately for them, not all hospital or healthcare employers accept that as enough credentials. If you only have a vocational degree tucked under your belt, then perhaps you’d rather pursue a career in care giving rather than travel nursing. Caregivers, after all, still get to travel across the globe. It all comes down to the skills.

The second half of a Travel Nursing career is the traveling. So you’re the proud holder of a nursing degree and you’re duly licensed to practice nursing. The next step to tackle then is learning how to go about your travels. Most people prefer to seek recruitment agencies for help in this matter. These agencies are ably experienced in assisting people interested in making a fortune in travel nursing. But you must beware! There are several recruitment agencies that may just be a scam to whisk your money away. And remember, using their services means paying some fees and if in some instances the fees are high so be careful and be wary. Ask questions and don’t go with any agency that you don’t feel is being 100% honest with you and if there fees are out of line then find another agency or you can always go it alone.

A few things to consider when traveling are the need of a passport. First, check with the embassy in your country of choice and see if they require a visa. Second, make sure that all your nursing documents, proof that you have graduated from a reputable school and have passed the necessary examinations, are all duly authenticated. A career in travel nursing may mean jumping from one country after another so it would definitely reduce your stress level if all your papers, even your resume, are supported with valid reference documents.

How do you adjust or embark on a life of travel nursing?

Experienced travel nurses provide us with plenty of advice and tips to make sure that first time nurses in this particular career will have an easier transition into the field.

Double-Check Everything

At least three to five days prior to your departure make sure that you haven’t forgotten anything. Make a checklist of all essentials and cross them off the list as you pack them. From documents to the clothes you’ve packed, make sure that everything in your list is accounted for. A career in travel nursing is a demanding job and leaves little room for error so it’s best to start on the right foot. 

Research Your Destination(s)

A travel nursing career requires that you to go to different countries meet different people and adjust to different cultures. Researching destinations beforehand will help avoid miscommunication, reduce the possible culture shock and basically just make your experience a whole lot more enjoyable and less stressful.

Ask For An Early Move-in

An early move is suggested by experienced travel nurses because it enables you to relax and breathe a little before embarking on your new travel nursing job. Familiarize yourself with the place and the people. And best of all, enjoy the new sights because one of the major perks of having a career in travel nursing is of course… the travel.

While the compensation and perks are quite exceptional because the Travel Nursing Career is such a high demand, highly sought after position it’s a bit more difficult to secure than most other nursing positions. As a result, most employers are very picky so make sure that you have what it takes. And if you don’t, then improve your skills (education and / or experience) or find another sector of the nursing profession to make your career.

3 Days in Mykonos - Itinerary for Adventure & Fun

Greece, and the island of Mykonos, has been on our bucket list since forever and our dream finally came true Summer of 2022 when we finally reached this fantastic country.

Greece is one of the most historical places you can visit in Europe. Home to ancient ruins, Greek Mythological wonders, active volcanoes, and an unmatched party scene, Greece is pretty epic. We traveled to Greece in May of 2022 and visited the islands of Mykonos, Delos, Santorini, and then the city of Athens. We believe it is one of the most beautiful places to visit for any group of travelers or solo. The Greek Islands are truly a unique and special place to visit in the summer and shoulder months. In Greece, you can visit several of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and explore a place where past meets present.

Know Before You Go

Relatively safe and easy to get to, traveling to Greece is accessible for people all over the world. Being only 200 kilometers (120 mi) from Turkey and having direct flights from most of Europe and the United States, getting to Greece will not break the bank or require too many stopovers.

Best Time to Visit

Visiting Mykonos in the shoulder months is my recommendation: early May to June, and September and October. We visited in early May and felt that it was the perfect time to visit as the crowds were not excessive in popular tourist destinations such as Mykonos Town. We were told by several locals that we came at the best time. The weather in early May and late September can be a bit chilly so keep that in mind when visiting during the shoulder months, The island itself is known as the “windy island”, so it is wise to pack a light jacket for all months of the year. During the summer months is the Greek Islands’ peak season, but the weather can be brutally hot and crowds can make it difficult to enjoy certain aspects of travel to Mykonos. 

How to get there

I am a Scott’s Cheap Flight stan, and since I first joined their newsletter, all our trips have been booked because of an email I received from Scott and his team. We booked this trip because there were $405 round-trip tickets from Washington, DC to Athens, Greece. Now that was a no-brainer for us, because average fares run from $500-$1000 USD per ticket for round-trip fares to Athens. 

There are plenty of other ways to score cheap tickets on your own. I also use Skyscanner and play around with the dates in Google Flights. On Google Flights, there is an option to follow  prices for your specific dates/locations and get email notifications when the prices change.


Greece is a member of the EU, so they use the Euro as their official currency. I definitely recommend using a currency converter (such as XE Currency on your cell phone or app on the web) to see what the currency rate is currently. At the time we traveled to Greece (and when I wrote this), the Euro was pretty close to the US Dollar at $1.05 for every 1.00€.

You can use credit or debit cards almost anywhere in Greece, and if not you will surely find an ATM within minutes. Keep around 100 Euro cash on you for smaller purchases. Be mindful of foreign transaction fees if your card has any. American Express is not widely accepted, but can be used at chains like H&M, Starbucks, etc.

To get the best exchange rate, I also tell people to take out local currency at ATMS upon arrival and never ever through an exchange desk at the airport or from a bank in your home country. ATMs provide the best exchange rate, always!!!


The plugs in Greece are Type C and F. The standard voltage is 230 V, and the standard frequency is 50Hz. Forget your curling iron and Dyson, these do not work in Europe and will damage your tools. Stick to blow outs using the hotel hair dryer.

Health & Safety


During your time in Mykonos, it is important to note that you cannot drink the tap water. There are plenty of convenience and grocery stores where you can stock up on bottled water. I highly recommend brushing your teeth, cooking, and drinking with bottled water. 

Because Greece is an ancient country, their pipes are also pretty ancient. Do not flush toilet paper down the toilet in Mykonos. This was the most annoying part of the trip for me because I got my period. The sewage system is very small, and the pipes tend to get clogged quite easily. 


I felt completely safe in Mykonos during our travels, but there are political and economic struggles of the country that you should educate yourself on before traveling to Greece. Petty theft such as pickpocketing is something to be mindful of in the main tourist destinations and party spots. Use normal precautions to keep yourself and your family/friends safe. Mykonos is a party island, so in case of altered judgment, always travel with a buddy and avoid extreme intoxication.

Always keep your valuables at your side, don’t leave cameras, phones, or other expensive gear visible, and don’t leave any precious belongings unattended at the beach.

How to get there

I am a Scott’s Cheap Flight stan, and since I first joined their newsletter, all our trips have been booked because of an email I received from Scott and his team. We booked this trip because there were $405 round-trip tickets from Washington, DC to Athens, Greece. Now that was a no-brainer for us, because average fares run from $500-$1000 USD per ticket for round-trip fares to Athens. 

There are plenty of other ways to score cheap tickets on your own. I also use Skyscanner and play around with the dates in Google Flights. On Google Flights, there is an option to follow  prices for your specific dates/locations and get email notifications when the prices change.


Greece is a member of the EU, so they use the Euro as their official currency. I definitely recommend using a currency converter (such as XE Currency on your cell phone or app on the web) to see what the currency rate is currently. At the time we traveled to Greece (and when I wrote this), the Euro was pretty close to the US Dollar at $1.05 for every 1.00€.

You can use credit or debit cards almost anywhere in Greece, and if not you will surely find an ATM within minutes. Keep around 100 Euro cash on you for smaller purchases. Be mindful of foreign transaction fees if your card has any. American Express is not widely accepted, but can be used at chains like H&M, Starbucks, etc.

To get the best exchange rate, I also tell people to take out local currency at ATMS upon arrival and never ever through an exchange desk at the airport or from a bank in your home country. ATMs provide the best exchange rate, always!!!


The plugs in Greece are Type C and F. The standard voltage is 230 V, and the standard frequency is 50Hz. Forget your curling iron and Dyson, these do not work in Europe and will damage your tools. Stick to blow outs using the hotel hair dryer.

Health & Safety


During your time in Mykonos, it is important to note that you cannot drink the tap water. There are plenty of convenience and grocery stores where you can stock up on bottled water. I highly recommend brushing your teeth, cooking, and drinking with bottled water. 

Because Greece is an ancient country, their pipes are also pretty ancient. Do not flush toilet paper down the toilet in Mykonos. This was the most annoying part of the trip for me because I got my period. The sewage system is very small, and the pipes tend to get clogged quite easily. 


I felt completely safe in Mykonos during our travels, but there are political and economic struggles of the country that you should educate yourself on before traveling to Greece. Petty theft such as pickpocketing is something to be mindful of in the main tourist destinations and party spots. Use normal precautions to keep yourself and your family/friends safe. Mykonos is a party island, so in case of altered judgment, always travel with a buddy and avoid extreme intoxication.

Always keep your valuables at your side, don’t leave cameras, phones, or other expensive gear visible, and don’t leave any precious belongings unattended at the beach.

Day 1 – Arriving to Mykonos


Depending on when you get into Mykonos, you will probably only have a half day to explore the island. To kick things off, we recommend getting settled in your accommodation to decompress from the long travel leg. Once you feel up to explore, it is time to hit the town…well “Mykonos Town” to be exact. 

Exploring Mykonos Town

There is so much to do in the heart of Mykonos Town that you could spend your entire trip to Mykonos just in these parts. I obviously don’t recommend you do that, but it is a great place to grab food, shop around, and to just watch tourists come and go. 

  • Shopping on Matogianni Street – The heart of the island is known by locals and tourists as Matogianni (or Matoyianni) Street. It houses designer stores, boutique handmade jewelry, fabulous restaurants, and souvenir shops. During the summer, most stores and shops are open till midnight, and you will never be short of things to do in the evening hours on Mykonos.

  • Chiesa di Panagia Paraportiani – These beautiful white buildings make an epic photo location for your instagram you have been wanting to snap. The Church of Panagia Paraportiani is located in the Kastro district of Mykonos Town. Its name means “Our Lady of the Side Gate” in Greek, as its entrance was found in the side gate of the entrance to the Kastro area.

  • Windmills of Kato Mili – When you see postcards from Mykonos, they will almost always be showing the Windmills of Kato Mill. Located next to Little Venice, make sure you stop by this location to fight off the tourists and snap a couple pics.

  • Boni’s Windmill – Kind of on the other side of town from where we have you going next, is the beautiful Boni Windmill. It sits atop a hill and is one of the best places to watch the sunset in Mykonos. 

  • Little Venice – My favorite area of Mykonos Town is Little Venice. I am almost positive you have seen various instagrammers posting the waves crashing right up to tables. This spot is fantastic for watching the sunset along the coast as well as sipping a cocktail next to the sea.

Afternoon Drinks at Negrita

Negrita is one of my favorite places in the world. This cute little bar in the heart of Little Venice is the BEST place to have a “Welcome to Mykonos” cocktail. I highly recommend stopping here at least once on your trip to enjoy the soft sounds of the ocean and breathtaking views right in front of you. This is also a lovely place to watch the sunset, but be aware that you will have to make a reservation for sunset and these times book quickly and there is a minimum spend per person. I recommend you just walk in there during an off-peak time to have a quick drink for the experience. This place also comes alive at night and is so fun for dancing the night away.

Dinner at D’Angelo

You are probably HUNG-REE by this point! Make your way over to D’Angelo Italian Restaurant–you may need a reservation for the peak season. We had my boyfriend’s birthday dinner here and not only are the prices really good, but the food is fantastic. It is a mix of Italian and Greek cuisine–leaning more towards to the Italian side. The food and vibes are great–they also just filmed Netflix’s “Selling Sunset” here lol. Make sure you get the peanut butter dessert if you go here because it is to die for, and I’m not a big dessert person.


If you still have any energy left (how?), walk on down to Little Venice again to go dancing. The best spots are Negrita, Scandinavian Bar (much college kid vibes), Jackie O’s, ASTRA, or Queen of Mykonos. 

Day 2 – ATV Day


Rise and shine for your epic day of exploring the island of Mykonos!I absolutely recommend renting ATVs for a day in Mykonos; it is such a great way to see parts of the island you normally wouldn’t. It was my favorite day of our Greece trip (even though every day was amazing). I felt totally safe the entire time even though some of the time we were driving on main roads. 

Start the day by picking up your ATV rentals. We rented two for four people and it was perfect. We rented from OK Mykonos Bikes & ATVs. Depending on where you are staying, you could find a rental closer to you. We didn’t shop around for prices, but it was only 80€ for both for the entire day. They pick you up (not quickly) at your hotel. You could also rent razors which would probs be cooler than just the regular ATVs. 

Brunch at Bowl

Bowl was a good brunch spot if you are craving brunch. It is super healthy and totally the vibe of Mykonos. We found the prices to be a little high (like everything in Mykonos), but the food was extremely fresh and it was a great place to start our day.

HippieFish Beach Club

After brunch, make your way down to one of the many beach clubs on the southern coast of Mykonos. The southern side is home to all the best beaches and will definitely be more crowded than those on the northern part of the island. The reason for this is because the wind is much stronger on the north and flows from north to south, making the beaches on the southside a lot more pleasant. 

We hung out at the beach near HippieFish for a little bit, and full disclosure we sat on the beach next to HippieFish (it’s free). I would have preferred one of those nice beach loungers and an aperol spritz in my hand, but it was 11 in the morning and any way you can save money in Mykonos is a plus. 

Kapari Beach

THE BEST! This is my favorite beach in Mykonos and it is not commonly known by tourists. That being said, we were the only ones there. Look it up online it is heaven on Earth. It also is really fun to drive to on ATVs because it is a dirt road and the views are oh so sweet. Maybe my fav moment of my trip.

Lunch at Paradise Beach Club

This place turns into a rager at 4 pm (maybe not a family vibe after 4), but we went for lunch and to chill and the food was spectacular, and the views were amazing. My boyfriend’s sister said it was her best gyro of the trip – shocking because we had gyros for every other meal. Their cocktails are so good but pricier than the food. I would have loved to have spent a longer time here, but we had other sites to see and did not want to have the ATVs out too late.

Armenistis Lighthouse 

Fair warning this next spot is on the northern part of Mykonos, so if you would rather just hang around the beach clubs of the south, I would recommend going to NAMMOS for some shopping or another beach club. 

This spot is so cool to drive to and the views are otherworldly. You go straight up a mountain (also the roads when you get to this part of the island are basically empty unlike the south side). If you look far into the distance you will see the outlines of other islands and GOATS. 


ATV Return

Returning the ATVs was so smooth and the owner of the ATV rental drove us back to our Airbnb as soon as we got there. By the time we returned our ATVs and made our way home to the Airbnb, it was almost dinnertime. We freshened up a bit and got ready to watch another magical Greek sunset (spoiler: we watched them all).

Sunset at 180 Degree Sunset Bar

Okay, I also highly recommend this spot for tapas/watching the sunset one night. I warn you, It is super pricey and the service was not spectacular–that being said, 100% worth it! If a place encapsulated my vibe entirely, this would be it. The music is SO good and chill and they have a live singer in Greek, and it is just awesome. This is a prime spot for seeing one of the greatest sunsets of your life–well maybe until you get to Santorini. We climbed up a mountain to get here (thanks Google Maps), and our one friend was like there is probably a better way to get here, but we never figured it out. Maybe you will if you go. Let me know in the comments please.


Scorpios Beach Club

Disclaimer: Scorpios may not be for everyone. This spot oscillating between club, restaurant, cultural center and spiritual retreat has become the definitive spot for A-listers and trendy tourists. Here you can have an extremely overpriced dinner and drinks, but afterwards the venue space turns into a chic club where you can continue your night into the evening.

Day 3 – Delos

Looking to add more than just a good party to your Mykonos trip? Make sure you spend half a day exploring the island and UNESCO World Heritage Site of Delos. You will have to book a tour or take a ferry to get here, but it is oh-so-worth-it. We booked this tour company and I highly recommend them. Not only do they take you to Delos, but also the island of Rhenia to swim and enjoy a vegetarian-friendly barbecue lunch. Also, their boat looks straight out of the Mamma Mia movie.

Morning in Delos

Stop and grab a bite to eat at one of the local bakeries for breakfast. Afterwards, make your way to the Mykonos Old Port to meet the tour guide that will take you onboard the boat. This spot is walkable from Mykonos Town and it is a lovely vista your whole way. Once boarded, you wild epart from Mykonos and set sail for the ancient site of Delos island. Upon arrival, you can stay on board, swim in the blue and green waters or disembark for a 2-hour tour of the beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is also the birthplace of Apollo and it was a major religious center and port during the 1st millennium B.C. The island’s ruins encompass Doric temples, markets, an amphitheater, houses with mosaics and the iconic Terrace of the Lions statues. You can climb the mountain (10-15 min walk) to Zeus’ Temple and see panoramic views of the island and Mykonos/surrounding islands. There are also kitties everywhere! Definitely get out of the boat to see Delos, and do not miss these main sites:

  • The Terrace of the Lions: This is definitely the most famous spot on Delos and when you Google Delos, pictures of this will be the first to appear. This is an inspiring path lined with marble lions, built in the 7th century BCE by the inhabitants of Naxos. The lions that you see there are replicas, as the original statues are housed inside the island’s museum.

  • Mount Cynthus: Home to Zeus’ alleged temple, this is the tallest hill on Delos (112m). Το reach the top, you can take the ancient stairs, a climb that takes roughly 20 minutes for those in shape. The view of the island as well as 360 panoramic views of Mykonos, the Aegean, and Rhenia is one of the best in the Cyclades. It is also crazy windy up here–maybe the wrath of ZEUS!

  • The Ancient Theater of Delos: initially a wooden construction, it was replaced by today’s stone one in the 3rd century BCE. The theater could accommodate more than 5,000 visitors and offered spectacular views of the Aegean.

  • The Theater Quarter: this is the oldest district of the settlement. Its most unique highlights include the House of Cleopatra and Dioscorides, where their statues are preserved.

  • The House of Dionysus: here, you will find the famous mosaic depicting god Dionysus riding a tiger. Exceptional mosaics are also preserved in the Houses of Masks, Dolphins and the Trident.

  • The Archaeological Museum of Delos: This was closed when we visited, but it is one of the most significant museums focusing on ancient Greek sculpture and private life during the Hellenistic period. Inside, you can marvel at the gorgeous statues and findings, including vases, figurines, mosaics, murals and objects of everyday life. A visit will offer you the chance to learn more about the history of Delos.

Afternoon in Rhenia

Board the boat again for another quick sail to the island of Rhenia. Here you will be able to jump off the boat and swim in the sparkling Aegean sea. You can also swim to the island itself, but if you plan to do this, I recommend jumping off the boat in Tevas or Chacos, or else you will be climbing the island hill in bare feet. At the top, you can find local farm animals grazing casually. Be cautious of the snakes as that was something our guide had mentioned to the people who got off the boat to explore. When we went in May only a couple people had jumped off our boat because the water was so freezing! Hopefully when you go it will be nice and warm.

BBQ Lunch 

The tour had a lovely barbecue lunch and even though I am a vegetarian, the chef and captain made sure there was something yummy for me to eat. I thought everything tasted great and we had the chance to try a lot of local Greek dishes. There was also an open bar and some of the members of our tour group got a little rowdy.


We got off the boat at around 5pm and like us, you will probably be exhausted from a day at sea. We freshened up at our Airbnb and did a little bit of souvenir shopping in Mykonos Town. If you have a little more energy than us on your last night in Mykonos, you should venture to one of the many beach clubs on the southern coast of Mykonos.

Dinner at Sale e Pepe

This place has really good vibes and is right in Mykonos Town. A little bit Italian and a lot a bit Greek, the food at Sale e Pepe was so good. They have like 40 different OLIVE OILS for your bread, so definitely get bread. Carbs don’t count on vacay. Also, I highly recommend you get the red pepper olive oil as one of them on your table. I had the spaghetti and it was the perfect portion size and perfectly al dente.

2 Days in Sarasota, Florida

Sarasota makes the perfect weekend getaway wherever you may be coming from.
The gulf coast of Florida rivals the Caribbean with its beautiful beaches and
endless activities. Just 60 miles south of Tampa, Sarasota is an hour away from
the big city vibes and two hours away from the Disney adults (no Disney hate
but lol). There are three easily accessible airports with endless direct
flights from major American cities making Sarasota perfect for a long weekend
or an extensive vacay!

Sarasota Vacation: Best Time to Visit

There is no bad time to visit Sarasota or the Gulf Coast of Florida.
Sarasota is in the prime location of Florida, but dependent on how you are
looking to spend your vacation, you will want to plan your trip around the

The best time to visit Sarasota is from March to May
when temperatures average in the low 80s. The high season for snowbirds and
tourists alike is directly after the holidays wrap up until around April/May.
During the summer, Sarasota will be spicy hot, but ideal if you are going to be
spending the majority of your time at the beach and in the water.

The beautiful and predictable weather of Sarasota will allow for an ideal
trip at any time of the year.

Additional planning tip: Please note that Florida’s hurricane season runs from June
1 to November 30, with the peak of the season being the first week of

Day 1: Arrival, Lido Beach, and St. Armand’s Circle

Arriving in Sarasota

By Air: Sarasota is extremely
accessible from any city in the United States. Serviced by three airports
including its very-own Sarasota Bradenton International Airport (SRQ).
SRQ has flights from every major American airline company as well as several
budget airlines that make a quick and cheap trip to Sarasota an easy
last-minute vacation spot. They also surprisingly have many direct flights that
travel all along the East coast. Another easy option is to fly into Tampa
International Airport
and drive an hour—and trust me, it’s a
beautiful drive. The last option, but also with the fewest amount of flights,
is to fly into St.
Pete-Clearwater International Airport
. Also an hour away, this
airport has great direct flights from several smaller cities in the US
including Peoria IL, Roanoke VA, Cedar Rapids IA, Niagara Falls NY, and more.

By Land: Driving into Sarasota is an
option for anyone located in the continental US. Granted Florida is very far
from the glooming majority of the states, Sarasota is an easily accessible
location from the following spots:

  • Tampa
    1-hour drive
  • Naples
    2-hour drive
  • Orlando
    2.5-hour drive
  • Miami
    3.5-hour drive
  • Savannah, GA
    6-hour drive

Where to stay in Sarasota

Budget: Baymont by Wyndham Sarasota

Although this hotel is not in the prime location of Sarasota, you can still
drive five minutes and be close to all the main attractions Sarasota has to
offer. This spot is nice because it has a pool and does not break the bank if
you are looking to save a little on your accommodation visiting Sarasota.

Mid-Range: The Westin Sarasota

Right in the heart of Sarasota, the Westin is one of the few high-rise
buildings that provide the city of Sarasota with a mini “cityscape” view. At
the top of the Westin, there is a rooftop pool that is absolutely perfect for
watching the sunset over the ocean. The rooms are large and are the perfect
happy medium for having a luxury vacation, but not going over the top.

Splurge: The Ritz-Carlton, Sarasota

I absolutely adore this hotel and contemplated having my wedding here.
There is nowhere nicer to stay in Sarasota other than the gorgeous and fabulous
Ritz Carlton. It has its own private beach club where a shuttle will take you
to another beautiful spot on the beach. One of my favorite restaurants in
Sarasota is located at the Ritz—
Jack Dusty’s—make sure you get their
signature cocktail: The Siren.

Depending on what time you get into Sarasota, you can either B-line it
straight to the beach for sunset or start a fresh day by visiting my favorite
spot in Sarasota.

The Ringling Museum

Located right across from the entrance to the Sarasota airport, the Ringling is the perfect first stop in Sarasota (maybe after the Starbucks in the airport). the Ringling is famous for being the prior training location and home to John and Mable Ringling. One of the most affluent men of his time, John Ringling was one of the five Ringling Brothers who teamed up to create the Barnum & Bailey Circus. The creation of the Ringling Bros World’s Greatest Shows led to a monopoly of the modern day circus.

Now, now, you may not be interested in circuses—I certainly am not a fan (save the elephants), but the Ringling is SO much more than that. It is the most instagrammable spot in Sarasota (maybe even the gulf coast) and home to some of the most beautiful Italian architecture and art. Make sure you check out the pink courtyard in front of the art museum for a picture like this. Other must-sees while visiting the Ringling are the Ca D’Zan, the mini-circus gallery, and the art museum itself.

Prices: Adult $25 | Senior (65+) $23 Child (6-17) $5 | Child 5 and under are Free | Members are Free

Discounted Museum Admissions require a current ID and must be purchased in person:  Active US Military $15 | Florida Teacher $10 | College Student $5 | FSU, USF, SCF, NCF, RCAD students are free | Personal Care Attendants are free | Museums for All* participants are free.

For a taste of Italy in Florida, make sure you add the Ringling museum to your list of things to do in Sarasota!

Lido Beach

After visiting the beauty of the Ringling museum, I recommend you head to one of my favorite beaches in the area: Lido Beach. This is a great spot to watch the sunset and then walk to St. Armands after for a nice dinner. Parking is free along the beach, so you can either find a spot closer to the beach or park anywhere in St. Armands for a small price to take a stroll through the lovely circle. Lido Beach is perfect for watching the sunset, collecting shells and sand dollars, and swimming in the crystal clear waters of the gulf coast. You definitely do not want to miss this beach on your trip to Sarasota!

Shell shopping on any of the Siesta Key beaches is a fun activity to do. Right after sunrise is the best time to find all the sand dollars.

If you missed the beach yesterday, you are in luck! Today we are headed to the #1 beach in the United States on the beautiful island of Siesta Key. Famous for its gorgeous beaches, Siesta Key is also home to the national sensation reality TV show—Siesta Key.

After soaking up some sunshine, head on over to St. Armand’s Circle. The hustle and bustle of this area is always prime for people watching, grabbing the perfect souvenir, and finding a bite to eat. Several spots you don’t want to miss include:

  • Daiquiri Deck

  • Arcade Monsters Lido Beach

  • Meany’s Mini Donuts

Definitely do a lap around the circle before dinner to enjoy the aroma of St. Armands—everyone here is happy, there are musicians playing music, and the smells of yummy food fill the air. After doing some shopping, you are probably hungry, so I recommend the following for dinner:

  • Venezia – This is everyone in our family’s FAVORITE restaurant in Sarasota. I am a sucker for any Italian restaurant that has gnocchi on the menu, but more than that, the ambiance is fantastic. They do not take reservations and there is usually a little wait, but definitely worth it for a table outside at Venezia.

  • Columbia Restaurant – Founded in 1905 by Cuban immigrant Casimiro Hernandez, this chain of restaurants claims to be Florida’s oldest restaurant. This restaurant has more awards than you can count, and you will see why when you eat here because it is awesome!

St. Armand’s Circle

Day 2: Siesta Key Beaches, Sarasota Jungle Gardens, and Sunset Dinner

Shell shopping on any of the Siesta Key beaches is a fun activity to do. Right after sunrise is the best time to find all the sand dollars.

If you missed the beach yesterday, you are in luck! Today we are headed to the #1 beach in the United States on the beautiful island of Siesta Key. Famous for its gorgeous beaches, Siesta Key is also home to the national sensation reality TV show—Siesta Key.

Breakfast at Original Word of Mouth

To start the day off, join the locals by grabbing some breakfast or brunch at Original Word of Mouth. This tiny joint has some of the best breakfast food you can find in Sarasota, and we haven’t had a bad meal here yet.

Siesta Key Beach

Ranked the #1 beach in the United States by TripAdvisor and Dr. Beach, Siesta Key beach is not to be missed!

The beach is huge and has so much going on at all times. If you are lucky enough to be in Sarasota on a Sunday evening, there is a drum circle that happens every week. Here you can dance the night away on the beach or enjoy the views of all the eclectic people the drum circle attracts.

The sand itself is so soft and the water is as clear as the Caribbean. You can spend an entire day just lounging by the ocean, which is why this spot is so crowded every day. Despite this, there is plenty of free parking, concession stands, and restrooms available for public use.

Turtle Beach

If Siesta Key beach is packed, you can head to either Turtle Beach or Crescent Beach for a little bit of a different vibe. Turtle Beach is a family favorite for watching the sunset. Just a couple minutes’ drive past Siesta Key beach, you can reach several other beach spots to enjoy for the day. Turtle Beach is great because you can park for free right next to the beach and not have to carry all your beach items very far. The sand is so soft and a very popular spot with the locals.

Crescent Beach

Another option for Siesta Key beaches is the beautiful Crescent Beach. Parking here is a little bit trickier than at the others, but if you find a spot, this beach is a fantastic place to spend the day or stop to watch the sunset. Make sure you stop at the always-packed Captain Curt’s Crab & Oyster Bar across the street from the beach for a daiquiri from their to-go stand.

Point of Rocks

If you are lucky enough to be in Sarasota/Siesta Key in the summer when the water is warm, you must stop at Point of Rocks. Point of Rocks is known by locals for being one of the only snorkeling spots in the area. Getting here is not as easy as our other spots on this itinerary, but easily accessible from Crescent Beach. From Crescent Beach, walk to the southernmost tip of the beach until you hit a rock sea wall. From there, climb along the sea wall and look for the steps to get into the water. This spot is perfect for snorkeling and wading in the tide pools. This is also a perfect spot to take your bikini Instagram you have been trying to capture all week.

Captain Curt’s

Head back to Captain Curt’s for lunch! Here you can take a quick break from the sunshine (and heat) to enjoy some delicious seafood and drinks right across from Crescent Beach. In the evening, they usually have a band playing, making the atmosphere here unbeatable. After lunch, check out another one of the beaches I listed and soak up some more rays or ride on a jet ski from one of the various rental companies they have in the area.

Siesta Key Village

After you have had your fill of the sunshine, Siesta Key Village is another super fun shopping and dining spot in the Sarasota area. A little bit smaller than St. Armand’s, but also a different vibe, this place is perfect for finding a “Siesta Key” souvenir and having some amazing food. Some of my favorite restaurants in the area are located in the village, so here are some of my favorites:

  • Siesta Key Oyster Bar – Literally always packed, but for good reasons. Arguably the best seafood and vibes in the Sarasota area, definitely try to score a table at the Siesta Key Oyster Bar. They also surprisingly have an amazing brunch (and you get a free drink with any entree).

  • Gilligan’s Island Bar & Grill – I absolutely adore this spot! This place makes you feel like you are in a tiki bar in Hawaii. The food here is mainly bar food, but the experience is so worth it, so definitely prioritize a visit to this spot for either dinner or a quick cocktail.

  • Daiquiri Deck Siesta Key Village – I know I keep listing all the Daiquiri Deck locations (there are five), but you must stop at one of these spots at least once. The drinks are so yummy and the bartenders are all so nice and fun. This is a great spot to watch a sporting event or to spend a night out drinking.

  • Cafe Gabbiano – For an enjoyable fine-dining experience, check out Cafe Gabbiano. Their wine selection is extensive and everything on the menu is fantastic. We celebrated my boyfriend’s mother’s birthday here and we all were raving how perfect the evening was.

Sarasota Jungle Gardens

After you are stuffed from lunch, drive just another minute or two down the road to visit my favorite touristy thing to do in Sarasota—Sarasota Jungle Gardens. This spot may be advertised as super family-friendly, but this place has something for everyone and kids and adults alike will love it. Famed for its super instagrammable flamingos that live there, you will not be able to stop snapping pictures of the gorgeous plants and animals that live there.

Sarasota Jungle Gardens is a flamingo lover’s dream! They are my favorite bird and I couldn’t even count them all. You can purchase special food to feed all the animals in the park and these guys will ‘flock’ to you.

The wildlife at Sarasota Jungle Gardens is so plentiful and well-kept. Knowing that the animals are loved makes this place even more special to visit. Also, look at this little guys hands—they’re so cute.

Sunset Dinner at the Point

After an afternoon full of cute critters, make your way to The Point in Osprey, FL for sunset drinks and dinner. This is the perfect date night spot and the views of the sunset are just immaculate. Make sure you make reservations on the top floor for the perfect view. This is the absolute best way to end your adventure day in Sarasota.

Note: Sarasota Farmer’s Market

If you are lucky enough to be in Sarasota on a Saturday, the Sarasota Farmer’s Market is the best! I have never been to a better farmer’s market; it is basically a giant fair from 10 am to 1 pm. I always enjoy our time here and come home bearing many yummy treats.

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